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Unisex safety shoe, high quality and comfortable for everyday wear.

The shoes are made of hydrophobic microfiber Micro PRO, 2.2 mm, which is water repellent from the outside, permeable to evaporation from the inside and resistant to tears, scratches and other external influences.

Resistant to oils and chemical compounds.

Toe protection.

The shoes have a patented ISS sandwich sole system.

The weight of the whole body is distributed over a much larger surface than with conventional shoes thanks to a self-forming and flexible layer, which reduces the load on the foot.

The shoe is stable with an eco-friendly, non-slip and biodegradable PU sole.

The shoes are produced in S3 version.

The shoes can be washed several times without loss of quality, they were developed for the demanding conditions of nuclear power plants, where they have to withstand 50 wash cycles.


SKU: EP0123
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